12 Excuses Against Digital Marketing.

Based upon our years of digital marketing meetings, we thought we would compose a list of the best reasons we’ve heard to resist change. The guilty will remain anonymous (we love you just the same though).

The excuses we’ve heard 🙂

  • My customers don’t purchase through digital marketing
  • Conversion tracking takes the fun out of things
  • I still believe the internet is a passing fad
  • We always have more work than we can handle
  • It’s not how my industry works
  • We don’t need it, everyone in my sector knows who we are
  • I’m old school – my sector works through contacts not marketing
  • Social Media’s just a gimmick for kids
  • I prefer traditional marketing, I don’t like change
  • Scatter-gun is better than targeted marketing, you never know who you may reach
  • Digital marketing is too fast, I prefer the thrill of the chase
  • Mobile marketing is overrated
  • Digital marketing makes things too easy
  • Change is overrated, my business is doing just fine
  • I don’t like conversion tracking, I know which of my marketing columns works best.

These are all excuses based on real life conversations we’ve had with clients and potential clients over the years. Some of those companies still exist but many don’t, which is a shame as they were all lovely people, but some seemed resistant to change rather than embracing it. Our favourite comment was number 13, which is yours?