There many strong views and arguments out there regarding SEO, coupled with many ideas about what it is that actually gets you ranked. We’ve put a blog together to list a few of the arguments we’ve heard and how we would respond to them:

Myth 1: SEO is all about content, nothing else matters.

Our view:

This is a bit of a chicken and egg subject as we agree that content matters a lot, but in our experience, you are going to struggle to share that content with the search engines if the rest of your website isn’t set up for SEO. The website needs great coding and SEO setup to get over the first hurdle, then the content kicks in and can begin speaking for itself.

Myth 2: SEO is dead.

Our view:

There is an argument to back this statement if you look at SEO as being a quick way to cheat and manipulate your way to the top. But SEO shouldn’t be about cheating your way to the top as your site will vanish from the listings as quickly as it gets up there. SEO should be carried out in an ethical manner. It’s about helping the search engines to find your quality content easier than your competitors do (and lots more on top). SEO is more important than ever these days as the internet has become so crowded, in fact Google openly talks about SEO in their online guides, so they agree it’s a requirement to help them to help you. So no, SEO is not dead, far from it.

Myth 3: Google search bots do all the SEO for you.

Our view:

Google is very good at sending search bots to scan websites and work out what the website is about. But search bots are not there to promote your website, they scan thousands of websites every hour and don’t favour one over the other, they simply bring content home to Google. It’s your job to make them favour your website over your competitors.

Myth 4) Link building kills SEO.

Our view:

Link building used to be a quick trip to success on the search engines, but then quickly became a poisoned chalice, killing thousands of websites almost overnight. There is still a use for high quality link building, carried out in the right manner and with the right websites. However it requires great care and attention, so unless you have the experience of modern day link building, we would suggest avoiding it.

Myth 5) Bigger websites rank higher than small websites.

Our view:

There is some truth in this statement, as 100 carefully worded pages with the correct SEO setup will usually rank higher than a 10 page site. However, the more pages you have the greater the chance of getting things wrong, such as duplicate content, conflicting content, duplicate metadata which can have the opposite effect.

Myth 6) SEO only favours mobile websites.

Our view:

This isn’t completely true, but Google is pretty strict on websites being mobile responsive these days. Regardless of SEO you should have a mobile responsive website for the benefit of your viewers if nothing else.

Myth 7) SEO success is getting to position 1 of the search engines.

Our view:

Getting to position 1 is the obvious place to be, but what is more important is getting your target viewers to the right pages of your website to increase your business. Believe it or not it’s harder to get the right viewers to your website than getting it to position 1. Position 1 is nothing if it’s attracting non paying viewers to your website.

Myth 8) Google’s PPC services are all the SEO you need.

Our view:

Google Pay Per Click services add nothing to SEO at all. They do get an advert to the top of the search page, but as soon as you stop paying you will no longer see your website up there. Google PPC is a very powerful marketing tool as you can get your advert in front of the right people at the exact time they are ready to purchase. SEO will get you high on the organic listings and keep you up there, plus every click will be free. Organic listings through SEO are powerful stuff.

Myth 9) Purchasing SEO rich domain names will get you to the top.

Our view:

People used to buy domain names like ‘’ to get high on Google and it used to work quite well. But things have changed and it doesn’t work that way now. In fact if Google sees it as an attempt at cheating it may drop your site from it’s search results rather than promote it.

Myth 10) Social Media is the key to SEO.

Our view:

Social Media is a tool we use within SEO, but not a replacement for it. Social Media is useful for most websites and when combined with SEO will help you get higher search engine rankings.

Myth 11) SEO plugins are all you need.

Our view:

SEO plugins can work for or against website SEO. If they are used in the right way by somebody with some SEO experience they can work quite well, but equally they can be a little restricting and hold you back. So tread carefully with SEO plugins as a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing at times.

Myth 12) My website will make its own way to the top of Google.

Our view:

Theoretically there is some truth in this if you’re prepared to wait a very long time and have a very well written website. If time is on your side it may work for you.

We hope our myth busting SEO guide helps answer a few questions. We work with SEO everyday of the week, so if you would like to discuss your own website’s SEO then feel free to call us or book a meeting with one of our SEO consultants.