From keeping your customers updated to maximising your ecommerce opportunities, we’ve covered some of the obvious but often forgotten actions you should be taking online to ensure a stress free holiday period.

Christmas is right around the corner. We’ve already broken the golden rule and scoffed all of our advent chocolates in excitement and haven’t bought a single present. 

Our failure to prepare in present purchasing is made up for by our eagerness to ensure your business is set up for a successful Christmas online, whether it’s your busiest time of the year or that point where you take a well earned break.

Here are our 6 tips to a successful Christmas online:

1) What does Christmas mean for your budget allocation?

Many of you reading this will be spending money on any number of the PPC platforms available online, from Google Ads to FaceBook. But have you considered how the changing habits of your potential clients and customers might impact this over the holidays? 

Getting your budget allocation right over the Christmas period is essential. It could save you a lot of money or make you a lot of sales. If your industry is not online during the Christmas break this is money wasted that could have been reallocated to jump-start your efforts in the new year. 

Equally if you are running offers over the Christmas holiday it is important we not only allocate budget to these campaigns, but make sure any promotions are clear in your ads through the use of tools like promotion extensions. 

You don’t need to guess here either. Historical data and trends are your friend. Look at how your site and keywords related to your business have performed in the past. This can guide any change to your budget allocation through Christmas and beyond.

Opening Hours

2) Don’t make people guess your Christmas hours

Your opening hours are probably advertised in more places then you realise and can mean different things to different people. Some people view opening hours as the time they can call and expect someone to answer while others will see these as the days in which you’re open and dispatching products. 

Be clear on your site and make your opening hours easy to find, with any changed hours for the Christmas period above this. Then go hunting for more! 

Check Google My Business, Bing, your social media pages and any business listing sites your company might appear on. Updating these not only gives customers the correct information but is a signal to the internet you’re still active. 

3) Put important information front and centre

There is nothing more frustrating than landing on a site, browsing through, finding the product or service you need only to be greeted by a message saying “we’ll get back to you after the Christmas break”. Best case this annoys someone, but worst case you’ve lost a customer. 

So be forthcoming with any Christmas related information on your website. Whether it’s business as usual, delayed response times or a complete shutdown until the New Year, the sooner people see, the less surprised they can be. 

We recommend a clear banner across the top of all pages so no one can miss this information. Don’t forget to include any changes to emergency contact numbers and bonus points if you are open and include a seasonal discount code to encourage even more orders!

Brookstone Christmas emailer

4) Utilise that data and wish your most loyal customers a Merry Christmas

Funnily enough, Christmas can also be an ideal time for some spring cleaning on those email lists you’ve been building up. Communicating important offers, information and a general wishing of a Merry Christmas can give you insight into who is still opening your emails, who bothers clicking and who simply isn’t interested anymore. 

So get creative with a series of well curated emails to cover the holiday period. You’ll re-introduce yourself to some customers, gain new ones and most importantly, have some even better segmented data to work with in the New Year! 

Just make sure if you use a seasonal discount code it is different to your website for ease of tracking! 

5) Have fun with Social Media

People often forget the “social” part of social media. These platforms are about humans and that is why so often brands flop on them. They remain faceless with no personality and little to post about other than their latest offer or product. 

Buck this terrible trend and use Christmas as a time to ramp up your social media efforts. Try posting consistently 3-5 times a week without an agenda. Share pictures of colleagues in their Christmas jumpers, a cheeky elf up to no good or the office Christmas decorations. 

Also, be sure to engage with your audience, answering any queries they might have and responding promptly to direct messages. This is all great for the algorithms these platforms use to promote your page and shows your customers a human is behind the brand. 

Bonus points if you post a video, which is proven to boost engagement!

Top tip: According to a 2021 study by SocialPilot the best time to post on Facebook is between 13:00 and 15:00 during the week and Saturdays. Why not try it and see how your posts do? 

Business Planning

6) Ready to return

One of the most important things you can do for the online health of your businesses now is think of the new year. By setting out a plan of attack and agreeing it with all key stakeholders you ensure no opportunity is missed as you settle back into your seat for the New Year. 

It’s the perfect time to reflect on all of the data you have collected through analytics, Ads, social media, emailers and more to learn and optimise your strategy. What worked? What didn’t? Where could we spend more or less? There is so much to learn from doing this. 

By setting out priorities and budgets now, you ensure no time or money is wasted. You remain in control and ready to conquer! 

Not sure where to start?

Brookstone Creative is here to help. Perhaps you haven’t even got Analytics set up or are not sure how to start segmenting your email data? Maybe you didn’t even realise Google had your opening hours?

We are able to help by bringing all of your creative and marketing services under one roof. Our team is able to add the magic to your ideas and aspirations as well as bringing new strategies to the table. All of this will help take your business from strength to strength in the new year. 

Save yourself a headache this Christmas and far beyond. Contact Brookstone Creative today and change the way you market your business.

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