As an award-winning cookshop, Abraxas has managed to build up a portfolio of shops around the Midlands, attracting thousands of satisfied customers every day.  Keen to expand, they invested in a website to handle ecommerce orders and allow shoppers from further afield to take advantage of their extensive range of products, encompassing major brand names such as Nespresso, Kitchen Aid, Emma Bridgewater and Cuisinart.

Although they were happy with their original website when it was first constructed, over time it became outdated and lacking in functionality.  This is something that we see all too often, as the search engines change their algorithms, new technology comes into play and website visitors opt to make purchases via smartphones rather than on their desktops or laptops.

Abraxas approached us to see whether we could update their site, which had been built on the Magento 1 platform.  Unfortunately, the company’s EPOS stock control system was no longer supported by either Magento 1 or 2, so we suggested transferring their site across to Shopify instead.  We also discussed giving the website a high-end look and feel, which is something that Abraxas were particularly keen on.

We began by creating a bespoke website, ensuring that it looked great, displayed seamlessly across a range of devices and was easy and intuitive to navigate.  Then we imported the products from the Magento site and added a few extra touches to improve functionality and visitor experience, including a wishlist and age restrictions for certain products, such as knives and sharp implements.  Then we integrated the website with the store’s own stock system, making it easy to identify products that need re-ordering.

You can see the end result for yourself at

We are extremely happy with the result, and Abraxas were thrilled with their new site, which adds real value to their brand, allowing them to sell stock around the world at all hours of the day and night.  The site reflects the brand’s ethos, and the improved functionality makes it easier than ever before to keep on top of stock and orders, which is an added bonus.

Even Shopify were impressed!  They told us… “You have one of the cleanest Shopify stores I’ve come across in quite some time, and definitely have the right mindset when it comes to eCommerce”.

We continue to work with Abraxas as their e-commerce marketing partner, providing them with SEO, Adwords, Banner Ads, website maintenance and UX.

Our work with Abraxas is the result of many years’ experience in the industry – unlike many web designers, we have a strong background in marketing, which means we understand exactly what customers are looking for in a website.  With our knowledge and technical expertise we can improve not just your visitor numbers, but also your sales figures.

Call us today, or call in for a chat.  We may be efficient, but we’re friendly and approachable too, and we won’t blind you with technical terms – we’ll just show you how a collaboration with our talented team could give a huge boost to your sales figures and take your business to the next level.