Amazon’s plans for parcel delivery by drones is no secret, but did you know they now have approval by the UK Government for drone trials over here?

The ecommerce giant has already carried out successful tests in the US, although these have been a little restrictive due to the line-of-sight only ruling over there, but the UK Government is allowing Amazon to go much further in the UK with urban and rural out-of-sight trials permitted as well as multi drone single operator flights.

Amazon are now in talks with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to plan these trials and draw up plans to test and develop anti-collision sensors allowing drones to automatically avoid obstacles. They are also keen to test and develop load carrying technology to allow deliveries of up to 2.3kg within a 30 minute time window in the UK.

The CAA has it’s own agenda here as they are using the Amazon trials to shape their own future drone flying policies. The CAA doesn’t seem to be against drone flying (as many had believed) but they are very interested in how they can use the results to build a better policy to safely allow drones into the overall UK aviation system.

Amazon stated they are commencing the drone trials in a bid to further enhance the customer experience and ultimately create new jobs in this rapidly expanding market. This statement shows just how much value Amazon places on it’s delivery service, even with the dominance it already enjoys, so this really should prompt all ecommerce companies into asking a simple question “can our delivery service be improved?”. If you are still offering next week delivery or even two day delivery then this needs to be improved.

The ecommerce website interface can be as advanced as you like but if you keep customers waiting for delivery they can and will shop elsewhere. Remember the customer is often quite happy with a slightly higher product price as long as they get cheap and fast delivery as a result, it’s how you sell this concept to them that matters.