So what are the benefits of using digital marketing for your business?

There’s absolutely no denying that digital marketing offers huge benefit over more traditional forms of marketing. If we go back even just a few years, businesses were obliged to market themselves using printed media, such as Yellow Pages and local newspapers. And success often came down to who could place the biggest, and most eye-catching advertisement.

But once you’d paid your money, and your advert had gone to print, you couldn’t change it. So if you’d made any errors, or if your products and services had changed, there was absolutely nothing you could do about it until the next print run. And with Yellow Pages only being produced once a year, mistakes or omissions could have serious financial ramifications.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, lets you continuously test and evaluate your marketing. You can put out an advert one day, and change it again within days – or even minutes! But better still, you can release your advert and find out exactly what people are doing with it.

Are people clicking on your advert? Are they engaging with it? Do they go on to visit your website, and if so, how long do they stay there? What pages are they visiting? And the key question – are your adverts converting into sales? If the answer is yes, then you know your strategy is working. But if it isn’t, you can adjust it straight away, using different tools to see how they affect the results.

Thanks to digital marketing techniques, you can also easily undertake A/B testing. This is where you release two adverts at the same time, to find out which one performs best.

Digital marketing also lets you be extremely selective. You can pinpoint specific demographics, and even geographical areas for your adverts. In fact, you can drill down even further, selecting topics, interests and even the age groups of your target audience, which makes your marketing efforts incredibly effective.

Whereas print marketing uses a scattergun approach of targeting absolutely everyone, digital marketing lets you focus on any specific market areas you choose. It enables you to target a specific town, so once you’ve identified where prospective customers are, you can use that information to generate increased sales. And because you can change your approach whenever you like, you can alter your ads with the weather, or even take advantage of relevant news topics to spread your message.

The key to success with digital marketing is to keep on analysing your data and your results. This clearly shows what’s working, and what isn’t, enabling you to fine tune your marketing accordingly. And it’s this ability to measure results that represents the biggest advantage of digital marketing, since it completely removes any element of guesswork.