We’re often asked by clients, “Can Adwords help SEO?”.  But it’s not the easiest of questions to answer.  That’s because, if you read what the search engines have to say, an Adwords campaign won’t help your SEO efforts, as they are two completely separate tools.

But it hasn’t always been this way. Over the years, we’ve used Adwords many times to help our clients with their SEO.  We used to be able to switch on Adwords and watch the organic listings start to climb – overnight in many cases.  This was a great trade secret, but unfortunately it came with one negative side effect, in that it enabled people to push irrelevant, and low quality content to the very top of Google’s results pages, which was no good for anyone.  And if the client decided to pause, or switch off, their Adwords, the organic results would plummet off a cliff.


So ultimately, Adwords works best as a completely separate entity to SEO.  But there’s one important exception to the rule.

Supposing you have a page on your website that search engines aren’t picking up on.  You know that the page is well built, and that it’s packed with quality content, so what can you do? This is where Adwords really can help SEO, but in an indirect way.  We’ve discovered that, by using Adwords, you can direct some traffic, and therefore some attention, to the page in question.  This increases awareness of your pages and keywords, which in turn will help your SEO efforts.

So can Adwords help SEO? Well, yes it can, but not in a direct way.

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