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Website redesign and marketing that has had amazing feedback from the client (and their clients!)

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The Background

Boogie Bounce contacted Brookstone Creative on the recommendation of a friend who uses Brookstone to market his own company ‘Press and Shear Ltd’ in Tamworth. Boogie Bounce already had a successful fitness class franchise set up both in the UK and abroad, but when Covid closed down all their classes, they were forced to move the classes into home, of which their mini rebounder trampolines were not ideally suited to.

Boogie Bounce set to work on designing and engineering a brand new rebounder trampoline and app called the Boogie Bounce Elite, purely for the home market. They test launched a small batch in late 2021 to test the market and appeal for their product and fitness app. The results were very good and that’s when they went about sourcing a reputable marketing company to assist with scaling this up, hence the recommendation from Brookstone’s customer ‘Press and Shear Ltd’.

Boogie Bounce Homepage Before & After

Old New
What We Did

The first thing Brookstone did was analysis on the Boogie Bounce online presence and marketing, we looked at their website, their branding, competitor analysis and SEO analysis. Several areas of concern arose from this, the main concern being how Boogie Bounce was split over two websites and branded quite differently on each. The first website promoted the brand and the second was a shop. The traffic analysis showed a high drop when navigating from one site to the next, and video analysis showed confusion in navigating through the websites, especially as each site was set up so differently to each other.

The decision was taken to build a new single website to solve all of these issues, and a fresh new look, based around the branding for their new Elite trampoline.

Brookstone have also provided marketing to go along with this website refresh to promote both the site and the various products within (mostly focussing on the Elite trampoline). This was achieved through a number of channels, including Facebook advertising, Emailers and Blog posts. We have also done extensive work on the site’s SEO and will continue to do so going forwards.


Blog Posts.



Facebook Ads

Facebook Marketing.


Google Ads & SEO.

The Results

The compliments from Boogie Bounce’s followers in relation to the new website design flowed in very quickly and the SEO kicked in immediately with an incredible rise of 18% overnight!

The website looks amazing and now allows us as a marketing company to go to town with their marketing and help Boogie Bounce to be as successful in the home market as it is in gyms across the country.

Start Quotes

Just wanted to say I am absolutely delighted with the new website.  It looks amazing and the feedback I have had already is just fantastic.  One of my instructors (the one on the main photograph) said she is ‘obsessed’ with it and loves it.  The master trainer from Singapore also sent me a message this morning to say it looks amazing.  I just wanted to thank you all for the hard work and effort you have all put in and when I compare our website with our competition it just leaves them so far behind.

Jenny Belcher, CEO of Boogie Bounce
End Quotes