Datapath Ltd.

Website development and enhancements along with Google and Facebook marketing and the launch of 4 international sites.

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Facebook Marketing.

Web Design.

International Websites.

Google Ads.

The History

Datapath approached us in 2013 to provide them with development and maintenance support for their existing website, from technical changes on the site and the hosting, right through to adding landing pages for marketing, SEO for better organic search results and improved navigation to help their customers quickly find areas of the website that best suited their needs.

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The Present

As the relationship has grown between Brookstone and Datapath, we have become far more involved with their marketing team, helping them with website enhancements to support marketing strategies and trade shows they have attended. We are also reporting data into the team based around website performance and online visibility, helping them to plan for the future.

One key area of development has been based around the design and launch of a suite of international websites, translated into their native languages to better support the international sales teams and distributors. On top of this we are now very much involved in the digital marketing element of the business, through Google and social media management.

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The Future

Datapath are driven by success and as a result they are continually evolving with their product range and how they present it to the market. Their website and digital marketing are a key part of this, so it’s up to us to help them stay right at the front of their industry. There is never a dull moment with Datapath and we are proud to be their chosen web and marketing partner.

Start Quotes

When you analyse the year and know that you couldn’t have achieved what you did without your agency, that’s when you know you’ve got something good going. We have a longstanding relationship with Brookstone Creative, a partnership you might say. The combination of skill and invested experience with our company makes for an ideal combination.

Kay Mumford, Datapath Ltd. - Computer Hardware Innovators
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