It’s a question we often hear in our line of business:

“Do I really need a professionally-designed website?”

Well, it all depends on the results that you’re hoping for.  There are quite a few sites offering a DIY service, which allows you to drag and drop your images and content into ready-made templates.  Most people could probably manage to put a small website of one or two pages together in an evening without too much trouble.  So why bother to spend money on a premium design?

The question you should really be asking is:

“What is the purpose of my website?”

If the answer is simply to provide a one-page brochure for your business, then it’s possible that a budget website could be all that is needed.  But if you’re hoping to attract new customers and sell more goods, then a budget website is highly unlikely to provide the results that you hope for.  In fact, the chances are that most people won’t ever even stumble across it, unless you happen to be a dab hand with SEO techniques at least.

In web design, as with so many things in life, you get what you pay for.  Yes, paying for a premium web design service costs more, but you’re paying for a professional service after all.  Skilled web developers and graphic designers know their jobs inside out and will create so much more than just a beautifully-designed website – you’ll be gaining a bespoke marketing tool that will attract customers and generate sales, providing you with significant returns on your initial investment.

Budget websites certainly have their place, offering everyone an opportunity to gain an online presence, which is so important in the digital age.  But for any business owner hoping to take their business to the next level and rise above the competition, a cheap website is the online equivalent of throwing a business card into the air and hoping that somebody, somewhere will catch it.

Still not convinced?  Well, why not call in at Brookstone and let us show you some of the beautifully crafted websites that we have produced for our clients?  A bespoke site, tailored carefully to attract potential customers, will always outperform a cheap site, and our marketing team will make sure that your website really shines out above your competitors for maximum returns – which is, after all, the whole point of having one in the first place!