When it comes to engineering marketing, it’s easy to think that one campaign means one tool. But that’s not the case. Mixing different marketing tools in one campaign can really boost results.

Two big players in online marketing for engineering are Google Ads and LinkedIn. Both have their own perks, and if you only stick to one, you might be missing out.

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Google Ads This is Google’s online advertising platform. It’s great for catching people who are actively searching for what you offer right now.

LinkedIn LinkedIn is a top spot for engineers. With both regular posts and ads, it’s a powerful way to raise brand and product awareness. Plus, it can highlight problems to people that they didn’t even know they had. It’s a bit competitive, but with the right approach, it’s a game-changer.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps your website show up in search results. It’s a steady way to get traffic, and while it takes time, it’s worth it.

Email Marketing Sending emails to potential and existing customers can keep them in the loop about your products or services. It’s a personal touch that can make a big difference.

Let’s say you’ve got a product or service, but it’s not getting enough attention online. You’ve made a landing page, but it’s not drawing the crowd.

Here’s a plan:

  • Take a good look at your product/service page. Is everything clear? Does it look inviting? Is there a clear next step for visitors?
  • If the page looks good, focus on SEO. This will help your site show up in search results.
  • Alongside SEO, consider email marketing. Regular updates can keep your brand on top of people's minds.

And what else can boost visits and sales? Well, LinkedIn can help spread the word, especially among professionals. And Google Ads can pull in those who are searching for what you offer.

Remember, sometimes people need a nudge. They might visit but not buy straight away. That’s where email marketing and targeted ads come in. They remind people of what caught their eye.

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So, in short: Check your website, get started with Google Ads, SEO, and LinkedIn, and keep in touch with email marketing. Before you know it, you’ll see those sales numbers go up.

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