Here at Brookstone we’re huge fans of Adwords.

When configured correctly, your Adwords campaign should generate high volumes of good-quality visits to your website.

But, even more importantly, these visitors will be primed and ready to purchase your goods or services, or make some sort of interaction with your website, such as downloading a white paper, or signing up for a newsletter.

So a well-crafted Adwords campaign can make a significant difference to your profits, making it an extremely worthwhile investment – IF it’s done correctly.

Unfortunately, we see far too many errors that businesses are making with Adwords, which not only costs them money, but could actually alienate the very visitors that they are hoping to convert.  We’ve picked out five common errors that we see regularly.

1) Keyword errors

When you’re paying good money for each and every click, it’s absolutely crucial that you define your keywords as exactly as possible.  Get it right, and you’ll see your profit soar.  Get it wrong, and you’ll end up paying out good money for clicks that never translate into sales.

2) Inadequate landing pages

We see lots of businesses that pay out for Adwords, but then send prospective customers directly to their website’s home page.  Yet to be effective, your keywords should direct visitors to a dedicated landing page focussed entirely on achieving the sale.

You might hope that a visitor would spend time searching through your website for the goods or services that they’re looking for, but trust us – they won’t.  They’ll click back to their search results and choose another option, costing you money, yet leaving your competitor with the profits!

3) Account optimisation mismanagement

Like so many things in life, Adwords is (relatively) simple when you understand it, but confusing if you don’t.  There are all sorts of settings that can be altered according to your particular needs, but if you’re not familiar with the process then you could be targeting the wrong people, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.  When every click is costing you money, it’s important that the highest possible number of clicks should convert, so if you’re paying out good money without reaping the associated rewards, it’s definitely time to up your game.

4) Not optimised for local search

Promoting your business locally is incredibly important.  According to Google’s own research, half of all smartphone searches, and just over a third of tablet and desktop searches within the user’s local area result in a store visit within 24 hours.  These are significant figures, so if you run a local business, optimising for local search is absolutely essential.

5) Failure to set an autoresponder

If you take the view that selling a product is the end of your obligation to your customer, then you’re missing out on potential repeat custom.  An automated response form, thanking your visitor for their custom creates goodwill, making it much more likely that the person will return to you in the future. It doesn’t take long to set up, but it could make a significant difference to your annual profit margins.

We’ve listed the top five common errors that we see businesses making with their Adwords campaigns, but there are many, many more.  Yet a well-crafted Adwords campaign can have a powerful impact on your business, raising your profile and your profit margins.

We know Adwords inside out, so if you think your website could be providing a better return on your investment, give us a call, or drop in for a chat.  We’d be delighted to show you what we can do to make your business stand out head and shoulders above your competitors.