Have you tried Google Adwords for your business? If so how did you get on?

Google Adwords (aka PPC) can be a brilliant way of attracting high-value customers to your website, but there’s a lot more to it than simply choosing a few search terms and paying your money.

In fact, as many businesses have found, to their cost, getting it wrong leads to a massive increase in expenditure without resulting in those all-important sales, which is the last thing any business would deliberately set out to do.  But we’ve encountered numerous website owners who’ve had their fingers badly burnt, leading to a complete mistrust of Google Adwords altogether.

Yet, when handled correctly, PPC is a well-proven method for increasing your company’s ROI, so opting out of the service completely could be costing your business dearly in lost business opportunities.

We’ve put together a short list of some of the most common Adwords mistakes that we see, all of which can impact negatively on your digital marketing strategy.  Even some of the most experienced marketing professionals can get it wrong, so have a look through the list, and make sure you’re not guilty of any of the following Adwords errors.

1. Poor quality ad management

When you’re paying for every click, it’s vital to ensure that your ad copy is engaging and concise.  Don’t just use the same pieces of content across all of your ads, as this is unlikely to persuade visitors to part with their cash.  Instead, you should be focussing on understanding exactly what appeals to each group of website visitors, tailoring your copy in such a way as to make it almost impossible for them to ignore.

Never become complacent about your targeted keywords, and keep checking to make sure that they are working effectively for your business.  Google allows users of Adwords to elect for automated workflows, but don’t let this allow you to become complacent.  A good Adwords campaign needs a great deal of research and human input if it’s going to be effective in the long term, so consider it to be an ongoing process that you should tweak and refine according to your results.

2. Poor website infrastructure

Devising the perfect Adwords campaign is a complete waste of time and money if your website is not providing visitors with the service that they expect.  No matter how precise and well-defined your keywords are, if visitors are flocking to your site and then leaving without making a purchase, then this is a serious problem which needs addressing as a matter of urgency.

Examine your site data regularly to assess how well it is performing, and if you notice any undesirable trends, such as potential customers abandoning shopping carts or consistently leaving at certain pages of your site, take immediate action to remedy the situation.

3. Search terms that are too broad

Defining keywords for an Adwords campaign isn’t as easy as you might suppose.  Plucking keywords out of thin air and hoping for the best is never going to bring in the hoped-for visitor numbers, and PPC professionals spend a great deal of time in establishing the most appropriate and effective search terms that will bring customers flocking to your online store.

Do you know the exact search terms that your website visitors input into search engine fields?  Do you know what search terms your competitors are targeting?  If you can’t answer ‘Yes’ to both of these questions, then you have further work to do!

4. Not catering for seasonal trends

Simply instigating an Adwords strategy and maintaining it throughout the year without adaptations could be costing you dearly in lost revenue.  No matter what business you are in, your sales are bound to be affected by customer buying patterns, so it pays to keep abreast of the trends that govern peaks and troughs in your sales figures, adapting your Google Adwords campaign accordingly.

5. Going it alone

Choosing to handle your Google Ads strategy in-house can certainly bring the costs down, but are you really confident that you can identify the appropriate keywords that will attract potential customers?  Calling in the professionals to handle your campaign shouldn’t be viewed as an expense, but rather as an investment, helping to grow your business and provide the best possible ROI throughout the year.

Here at Brookstone we understand how to make the most of Adwords, and we can craft a bespoke solution for your business that will generate increased visits to your website, driving sales and making your brand stand out from your competitors.

We don’t believe in blinding our prospective clients with technical terms, but we do believe in producing effective marketing strategies that lead to the most favourable outcomes.  So call us today – or drop in and see us – and find out how we can help your business to hit sales targets that you thought were out of reach.