How Much Does A Website Cost?

How much a website should cost is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear in our industry as few people (including design companies at times) can work out why there should be such a vast price variation for seemingly the same website, depending on who you ask?

There are of course ridiculously low prices and then those with ridiculously high prices hoping to make a huge profit, but when you look a little deeper there is some logic to hold onto and I’m going to try to explain it to you in a few short paragraphs.

Website price depends upon two main factors

The most basic way to answer the question of how much a website costs can be summed up in the following way. It depends on two main factors, do you want a cheap and cheerful templated design by a single website designer, or are you looking for a tailored website purely built for your company by a team of designers, coders and marketers. This is where the large price variation usually comes in.

Freelance web design £1000 – £6000 typically

A freelance designer will typically charge between £1000 to £3000 for a brochure website, depending on the size of the website. An e-commerce website would typically come in between £3000 to £6000 for the freelancer approach. For this you should be expecting some form of template design and you should not be expecting the designer to be spending much time with you face to face, there just isn’t enough budget in the project to make this worth their while. Instead you will usually meet for a brief and then be sent screen shots along the way and then a sign off. After this the designer will have to get quickly onto the next client.

This is the cheaper end of the market but it doesn’t mean a poor design, just don’t expect premium service and premium results for the price these designers will be charging.

Website agencies £4000 – £30000 typically

At the other end of the market you will be employing an agency to work on your project. If you want a lot of customer service before, during and after the project, coupled with a specific solution tailored to your company then this may be for you. The same brochure website project as mentioned above will typically cost between £4000 to £12000 depending on size. An e-commerce project is a huge undertaking when using a tailored approach but the results are so much better than templated e-commerce sites. As an idea of price you shouldn’t be expecting below £10000 and possibly up to £30000.

For this you can be hiring the best in the business and they will be taking time to purely focus on you, your company and industry. They will delve deep into your sector and your competitors before putting any design work down, in order to build the best possible foundations for your marketing.

In an agency each part of your project should be handled by a sector expert, such as the design, the coding and the marketing. The handover and after service should be very high and so to the return on your investment.

An agency will only work on limited projects at one time, so don’t expect them to be able to get straight onto your project. The wait is usually worth it though as you will end up with a very powerful and well thought out marketing tool.

Where an agency will excel is in the time and resource they have to focus upon you and your company, without having to balance your project with several others.