Improving Online Sales – The Packaging Experience.

Whenever we purchase a product, our experience isn’t just about buying and using it.  A large part of the excitement is about the whole process of shopping for it, comparing products and prices, reading reviews and coming to a decision about the product we intend to buy.

Next comes the journey of anticipation and participation as we take hold of our new purchase.  As we peel off the outer wrapping and examine the box before revealing the content’s there’s an almost tangible feeling of excitement.

If you’ve ever received a brand new iPhone then you’ll know exactly what I mean.  The box has a velvety quality that speaks of luxury and expense.  The lid has been carefully engineered to make a very tight fit to the base, which creates a lovely, satisfying ‘whoosh’ sound as it lifts off.  Apparently Apple has invested a great deal of time and money in ensuring that the box-opening process is as satisfying as possible, and it’s money well spent!

Even then the show still isn’t over – once revealed, the phone and its various accessories have been carefully laid out in the most aesthetically pleasing manner that it feels deeply significant as you remove them from their designated places.

So does the packaging of a product have an effect on the customer?  Well, you only have to look at the sales figures for iPhones, and the fact that I’ve remembered my own experience in vivid detail, to see that, yes, the way you package your products is of massive importance.

With ‘unboxing’ experiences now prolific across social media, the way in which you present goods to your customers is more important than it’s ever been.  Too many companies simply grab the product from the shelf, put it into an uninspiring grey or brown box or bag and ship it.  How exciting!  Not!

Instead, how about using a branded bag or box?  You can then carefully package up your product to make opening it the best possible experience.  How about a little freebie in there too?  It will only cost you pennies, but the goodwill that you generate will be priceless.

As the online market becomes more competitive, you need to pull out all the stops to make sure that your products are the ones that people want to buy.  Adding value to the purchasing experience is a valuable way of making sure that your brand stands out from the crowd.