How to get repeat orders & increase online sales.

So you’ve bought your product online, but if I were to ask you in six months’ time which company or reseller you purchased it from, would you remember?

No, neither would I in most cases!

If you’d bought a new coat, or new shoes and wanted to buy the same product again, you’d probably have to go online to search for the best place to buy it.  It’s unlikely that you’d remember the online store you bought it from the first time – unless the store’s own label is still attached, of course.  But the team behind Go-Outdoors have a different way of going about things.  They make sure that they send their previous customers a pre-season brochure advertising their latest products and offers, making it impossible to overlook them.

And they’re not the only ones.  Now that just about every product and service that we could possibly dream of are available to us with a few taps, swipes and clicks, companies need to work that bit harder to retain their current customer base, as well as adding to it.  You need to thrive to survive, and you’ll never do that by taking your customers for granted.

It’s all to easy to view a sale as the end point of an interaction with a customer, but instead you should see it as a beginning.  Repeat sales are a vital part of any company’s success, so leave your customers delighted and thrilled by their interactions with your brand.

Think about all the ways that you can capitalise on your sales.  From simply popping a card or flyer into the packaging with your company details on, to offering a loyal company discount, anything which generates goodwill between you and your customers is of lasting benefit to your continuing success.

Loyalty rewards, freebies, special offers and discounts are all features that you can use to reward regular customers and encourage them to remember your brand the next time they need to make a purchase.  We all tend to remember really excellent service just as much as we hang onto negative experiences, so aim to provide the highest possible levels of customer service and you won’t go far wrong.