‘I don’t have time to write blogs’ is something we hear quite a bit at Brookstone Creative. And we understand that – after all, most of our clients are so busy running their businesses that they barely have time to think, let alone sit down and start composing a blog post.

But we wonder, are these clients perhaps overcomplicating things?

A blog post doesn’t have to be a long and complicated piece of digital literature. It should just provide useful information about your products or services, that will help prospective customers to make informed choices. And it shouldn’t be too difficult, or time consuming,  to set down a few notes on paper from time to time.

In fact, one of the best ways we’ve found of creating blog posts is to jot down a list of bullet points. We pass these notes to our copywriter, who builds the points up into a polished blog post for us.

The key point to remember is that you don’t need to spend hours working on blog posts. All you need to do is get that knowledge and experience you have out of your head, and onto paper. Then send them across to a writer to work their magic – they might even post the finished post up on your website too, if you ask them very nicely!

But there’s also another way of creating blog posts. And in fact, I’m using this method right now, to create this post. And I’m doing it just by talking into my phone, using the voice recorder function. It’s easy and effective – I just state the basic facts and figures and the context of the blog post. Then I save it and email it to our copywriter, who’ll create a written blog post from it, and send it back to me.

Talking into a voice recorder lets you set out a lot of information really quickly and easily, so you can get much more done. It’s so much faster than putting pen to paper, or even trying to type out your thoughts. Your copywriter can work on creating a blog post much faster than you can, so all you need to do is provide a basic outline, or a few key facts, and let your writer do the rest.

Using this method, I’ve created one blog post on my way to work this morning – using hands free, of course! And then I’ve done another one while I’m sitting having a cup of coffee at my desk. It’s now 8am and already I’ve got two blogs under my belt, with absolutely no fuss and no bother. It’s really easy when you put your mind to it!

And keep in mind that Google absolutely loves blog posts. Blog regularly, and your site will rank higher, for more search terms, helping to support your digital marketing strategy. You’ll see an improved return on investment, and you should see an increase in turnover too.

So if you’re having a problem with writing blog posts, just jot down some bullet points, or make a  voice recording, and send it to your copywriter. Or send your thoughts to us, and we’ll pass them on to our copywriter, who’ll be delighted to tackle them for you!