Is Google Ads really worth it?

One of the statements that we often hear from marketing managers is that Google Adwords is a waste of money.  This is always said by people who’ve tried it, spent a lot of money on it, but have ended up hating it because it hasn’t produced the desired results.

When we question them further about their negative experiences, it turns out that they’ve either tackled Adwords themselves, or they’ve paid someone else to do it.  Then they plough money into it, only to find that they get little or no return for their efforts, hence their comments about Google Adwords being a waste of money!

The problem is usually that the Adwords campaign has been rushed out very quickly, using only the most cursory research into which keywords to target.  Yet establishing which keywords will provide the best return on your investment is the most essential part of any successful Adwords strategy.

How to make Google Adwords convert

In our experience, Google Adwords is an incredibly powerful tool for at least 80 – 85% of businesses.  But there’s no point just going after the top keywords, as everyone else is targeting them too, which drives the costs up.  It’s often more effective to go for bigger groups of less popular keywords, which will cost much less.  Of course, you can still target the top performing keywords if you choose to do so, but longer phrases, known as long-tailed keywords, can cost much less per click.  Yet they can generate an excellent return on your investment.

To make the most of Adwords, you need to set up Campaigns.  These form the top folder, with a number of Ad Groups contained within each folder, relating to specific elements of the product or service.  As an example, an Adwords Campaign could be based around a new car, such as a BMW 3 series.  Your Ad Groups would be concerned with very specific keywords, such as the colour, year of manufacture, or the engine size.

You can add as many variants as you wish, bearing in mind that the more specific you can be, the greater your chances of success.  Obviously, you’ll be limiting the number of people who will click on your ad, but those that do will be interested in the exact product you’re selling, so there’s an excellent chance that they’ll make a purchase.

Take a look at the search terms people are actually typing into Google.  A little research will throw up new and better ones, as well as several keywords that you don’t want, or that are too expensive.  These undesirable keywords can be added to a negative list, so your advert won’t show up when they occur. So you’re directing your Adwords budget exactly where you want it, putting you firmly in the driving seat.

Now you need to drill down even further to determine how to target your Adwords.  Who are you aiming at?  What time of day is your intended audience likely to be online and searching?  What interest groups might they belong to?  Are they interested in particular subjects?  The more specific you can be about your target audience, the more you can cut down the cost of your campaign, while ensuring that the sales keep rolling in.

Google Ads insights

Done correctly, Adwords can make your business a lot of money. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s an incredibly powerful tool which, when configured appropriately, can be highly cost effective too.

If you’ve already formed a negative impression of Google Adwords, we suggest giving it another try, Google Adwords is not a waste of money if you spend time with it.  Lower your budget, so you can test which adverts, keywords, search terms and demographics are working for you, then build up your campaigns steadily over a period of time.  We’re confident you’ll soon start to see the results you’ve been hoping for.

If you need more advice or help with Adwords, we’d be happy to help.  Give us a call, send us an email, or drop in and see us.  We’d be delighted to show you just how much Adwords can help your business to grow and flourish.