As the economy slowly continues to recover after all of the lockdowns, now is a prime opportunity to take stock of how we coped with a decrease in business and what we could have done better.

There seemed to be winners and losers during the pandemic, some businesses went down (which was very sad) whilst others seemed to boom, often from the same sector. So what did the winners do differently to those who struggled or went down?

From our perspective we saw businesses become absolutely paralysed by fear and had no idea of what to do, so they did nothing and either struggled or went under. But other businesses seemed to get energised and adapt to the new circumstances – they changed their services and offerings and the way they delivered them.

Digital marketing and websites also played a huge part in the survival of many businesses. Those with a decent website that could accept transactions could continue, even if not at the same level.


Social media also played a big part, as those companies with a large following were able to communicate with their customers and inform them of new services and new ways of delivering them.

Take retail, for instance – most of us assumed they were all closed for business, but certain retailers were able to trade from their doorstep on a click and collect basis. Many retailers tried this, but unless they had a transactional website and a social media presence they were going to struggle.

Shopping With Face Masks

We worked closely with a suppler of knitting wools, patterns and needles. They already had a transactional website and a large following on Facebook and as a result they sold more in lockdown than they did before! It was lovely to see them succeed and reap the benefits of their investment in their website and social media.


Hopefully lockdowns will become a thing of the past, but what if they don’t? Could your business cope?

Should you be walking into work tomorrow focusing on today’s sales, or should you be spending some time building up your social presence and digital marketing.

Let’s say you invest time and money building up your social media and marketing and another lockdown doesn’t happen, is that a problem? No – it is not, as you suddenly have a new or improved way of communicating and bringing in extra sales.

We all go through bad times, but it’s how we cope with them and what we learn from them that truly defines us. So go on, get your business in better shape and start to reap the rewards!