Facebook as a Marketing tool.

Facebook marketing is one of the most powerful promotional tools a business could wish for. It has both an organic marketing and paid reach, both of which are very effective in getting your products and services in front of the right people.

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Facebook has two billion users globally per month. Harness the power of this giant to find your own audience and reach out to new connections. We can help you find the ad format that is right for you to build relationships, find new leads and achieve your business goals.

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posting and paid ads service.

Organic posting services

Brookstone can help you to increase page likes and engagement with your page with organic Facebook marketing. We do this by producing high quality content pieces, targeted at a specific audience, to increase engagement and conversions and Facebook page likes and follows.

Paid advertising services

Facebook really comes into its own with its powerful filtering tools to help you get the right message in front of the right audience, whether they have bought your products or services before or are new leads. Brookstone offers a fully comprehensive Facebook paid ads service where we will design and create your adverts for you and pinpoint your audience to achieve a high level of return on investment. We can also test different versions of adverts to help identify which kind of ads work best for you and which audience is the most receptive.

Facebook pixel retargeting services.

Facebook Pixel Retargeting Services

Brookstone can install and manage a Facebook pixel on your website which will allow us to build incredibly focused audiences for your ads to target. We can show specific adverts to visitors of pre-determined website pages, or to visitors who have carried out a particular action – eg checked out on a product or submitted a form.

Typical Facebook Pixel Retargeting examples:

  • Target ads only to visitors who have visited your website over a set period of time.
  • Target an audience which has never visited your website before
  • Place ads for a product that relates to a product purchased by your audience – eg a handbag which matches a pair of shoes
  • Place adverts in front of visitors who have recently purchased from your website
  • Place adverts in front of visitors who have visited your website but not purchased

The list can go on and on.


Featured Case Study

Popsy Clothing.

Website Maintenance - Emailers - Marketing - Social

Popsy Clothing came to us with an existing Shopify website which was doing well, along with a large Facebook following. Our task was to work with what we had to make the user experience the best it could be and ultimately make it easy to find what you were looking for and therefore make purchases. Repeat business was key as well as growing sales, they wanted to instil body confidence in the women buying the products. We relished this challenge and excelled.

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