Just when you thought you had your SEO all sorted out, here comes another big change!

This time the culprit isn’t another SEO algorithm change by Google, it’s actually us, the user that’s bringing about the change.

You see not only is there a huge increase in mobile internet usage (as we are all well aware of) there is also a huge increase in voice searches on mobiles as voice technology improves. This brings about a whole new concept for how we adapt our websites to be found online.

We don’t have to panic quite yet, but the increase in voice searches is so steep we would all be crazy to ignore it, especially as they are predicting 50% of all searches will be carried out by voice by the year 2020. To add to this we also need to be aware that voice search is more often than not carried out on the go, so the device will only be looking for the first result that comes up. It could change the entire SEO landscape in time!

So although you don’t need to re-engineer your websites quite yet, we will all need to start factoring in how we adapt websites to voice search technology sooner rather than later. The more we all understand about voice search the more chance we have of staying at the top of the search engines.