As a new year looms, you will find SEO specialists hard at work planning next year’s SEO strategies and networking tirelessly to seek out every possible change the search engines could throw at them in the year ahead. It’s important to consider these changes early and adapt the current plans in order to stay ahead and at the top of the searches. It is also important to keep up to date with evolving technologies that can impact the way our search results are found in the future.

Below is a list of SEO strategies we will be paying particular attention to:

Voice Searches and digital assistants

This recent technology is quickly gathering pace with devices like Alexa, Siri, Google Now, Cortana and many others becoming ever more popular as the technology improves. In fact some experts are already reporting 1 in 5 searches are carried out this way in some sectors.

So just like we all had to adapt our websites to suit mobile devices, so too must we develop our SEO strategies to not only work with this technology, but to embrace it and capitalise on the opportunities it presents.

UX (user experience)

UX is becoming ever more important as the search engines put higher weighting on how the viewer interacts with a website. The journey of the viewer is closely monitored, then scored and linked to the search term they used. So, if the viewers are bouncing off your website for the search terms you are chasing, your website will steadily drop down the listings rather than rise.

Important UX elements to monitor (but not limited to) are time on page, pages viewed, page speed, navigation paths, content readability, heat maps, mobile engagement and more.

Mobile compatibility

We’re all aware of the need to optimise for mobile devices these days, but the necessity of designing for mobile first is still one that is often overlooked. Studies report close to 60% of all searches are now carried out on mobile devices, so with this data in mind we should all be forgetting the term ‘mobile compatible’ and replacing it with ‘mobile first – desktop second’.

SEO strategy is a little different to that of desktops as viewers search in slightly different ways, so with the increase and dominance of mobiles the necessity for a good mobile SEO strategy becomes ever more important. It isn’t just about how the website looks on a mobile anymore – in fact that’s pretty irrelevant if the site isn’t being found on the mobile in the first place, so a good mobile SEO strategy is paramount.

Link building

Link building still has a place in 2018 but it is becoming increasingly important to focus purely on high-quality links. However, it isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, as how do you know what Google deems to be a high-quality link? There are ways and means to check the quality of links before applying them, but with the risks of this strategy backfiring being so high we would suggest you take great care or actually consider placing your resources into safer SEO techniques.

Artificial intelligence

AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning have arguably been part of how search results are composed for many years, but as the technology behind them grows so too does the need to consider the SEO strategy for attracting them.

Although this technology is still reasonably young it is maturing rapidly and Google are placing huge resources behind it. The key factor to consider with AI is the need to consider contextualised search results within your SEO strategy and as a result of this the importance of considering the rise in conversational based searches.

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