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Case Study

Popsy Clothing was looking for ways to further improve its customer experience. One of the ideas we put forward was for a Popsy app, so instead of Popsy fans having to pull up the website and log in each time, the shop, wishlist and order history were all there on the customer’s mobile ready to go!



App downloads in the first week of launch


5 Star ratings on the App Store in the first week of launch


5 Star ratings on the Play Store in the first week of launch

The reaction from customers and members of the Popsy Facebook group was very positive indeed. From day one, the app has become a favourite amongst fans of Popsy Clothing. Take a look at the reviews on App Store and Google Play to see just how much they love the app!

Apple Review

“Brilliant app, so happy this has launched. Easy to sign up so you can see all your past orders… Really smooth running and easy to navigate…”

Google Review

“The app runs very smoothly and is very responsive. It is easy to navigate, I’ve had a good look around and so far I’ve not had any issues…”

Apple Review

“Loving the app, so easy to find what I’m looking for…”

Google Review

“All the best dresses in one place! See your order history, make a wish list and check out all the dresses with pockets. Best of all, make an order!”

Google Review

“So easy to navigate, can’t wait to do all my shopping from Popsy via the app…”

Apple Review

“I am so happy to be able to shop everything Popsy in the App!”

Google Review

“Wonderful, easy to use app. Makes my shopping experience much easier…”

Apple Review

“The App is a great addition to Popsy…”