You’ve already got a website, so you can leave it to do its work and forget about it, right?

Well, you certainly could do that – lots of business do – but over time you’ll find visitor numbers dropping and your search engine rankings falling.  You could even fall foul of technical changes to browsers and mobile device technology. That’s because the digital world never stands still: Google is always looking for ways to add value to its searches, constantly updating its search algorithms, and eventually your once-sparkling new website will become jaded and out of date.  And when that happens, the search engines will stop promoting your site, visitor numbers will tail off, and you’re left with a website that’s now actually holding you back.

So what’s the answer?

Don’t panic!  You don’t necessarily need to have a whole new site built from scratch, although sometimes that’s the best option, particularly for old and very outdated websites, but you’ll certainly need to implement a few changes to get your site back on top.  What you need is a friendly and helpful web marketing team to cast their eyes over your site and come up with some advice and solutions. We carry out complimentary website appraisals to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website and digital marketing, including the following:

  • Mobile compatibility
  • SEO
  • Page speed
  • Aesthetics
  • Navigation

At Brookstone we can offer you a range of services, from sprucing up your SEO to instigating an effective social media campaign that will have visitors clamouring to visit your business.  We won’t blind you with technical terms, and we won’t suggest unnecessary changes just for the sake of it, but what we will do is take a good, hard look at your current site and come up with solutions that will make your website into the effective marketing tool that it should be.

We’re a friendly bunch, and we make great coffee too – so call in and see us to find out what we can do to make your website and marketing stand out from the crowd.