At Brookstone Creative Ltd, we value the loyalty of our customers and are extremely sympathetic and empathetic to clients that suffer during an outage of any kind. Large internet outages can have a huge effect on a business and severely damage e-commerce operations with often immeasurable and irreparable consequences. As a company with many clients that are susceptible to these kinds of situations, we decided to look further into the impact of such outages and what you can do to limit the effects and even prevent them as much as possible.

Outage Example

As recently as the 8th June 2021 we saw a huge internet outage occur that simultaneously halted many major businesses on a global scale. These types of outages are inevitably going to occur on occasion but the general assumption is that they will continue to be rare and like in this instance, short-lived. Vast hosting companies are targeted because they are able to increasingly hit multiple sites and services at the same time. The significance of such complex hosts being attacked is huge but they also represent quick and effective means of recovering and restoration considering the level of data held and power being used at one given time. Fortunately, this outage was not a cyber attack, but was caused by software bug on a content delivery network (CDN). Although quickly found and resolved, it highlighted the issue of single companies serving multiple large platforms at once.

CDN Server Outage

Who Did It Affect?

To give their users secure access to replicated copies of data, cloud providers build in redundancies for such events and in most cases, services are only affected for a brief period. This makes data easily retrievable and highlights the capacity and efficiency of network models that they were able to react and recover with such speed and precision. The impact was felt worldwide despite this show of resilience, with companies such as Reddit, Twitch, Amazon, PayPal, Shopify,, HBO Max, and Vimeo all reporting issues as a direct consequence of these events.

Amazon BBC Twitch Reddit PayPal Gov Websites Down

Company Security Measures

No matter what your level of skill, insight, experience, and business acumen, predicting an internet outage is almost impossible. This is why preventative measures and security systems such as firewalls must be in place, working efficiently and updated on a regular basis. Internet security is not something that you wish to scrimp and save on, if anything it should hold an appropriate level of budget in accordance with its importance to you and your company. Leaked data can be catastrophic to a business and when a cyber attack causes all kinds of chaos in the office, knowing that you are protected is a wise and productive product of investment in internet security.

How We Can Help

At Brookstone Creative Ltd, we offer a hosting and security service ourselves, so we appreciate the importance of adding backup software and provisions to accompany your firewall and can assist with your overall internet security against both large internet outages and cyber-attacks. Our emphasis on putting the client’s needs first and prioritising their data safety at all times is an extremely reassuring investment that will give you peace of mind and quality assurance for your online information and confidential data.