What is content marketing?

Content marketing is involved with adding content to your website about your products and services.  The aim is to prove to your website visitors that you’re a specialist within your industry, and that you know your products inside out.  By demonstrating your knowledge to potential customers, and addressing any issues or queries they have, you can generate increased numbers of sales.

But there’s another benefit too.  Google approves of high-quality content, and pays attention to the way in which visitors engage with your website.  The more that visitors read your content and interact with your site, the higher Google will push your site up the rankings.  You could even reach the coveted page 1 spot over a period of time, so it’s good for your SEO campaign.

Visitors are looking for information, not to be sold to

Around 99% of your web visitors are looking for information about the products or services you provide.  And content marketing puts the potential customer firmly in control.  They’re not visiting to get you to sell something to them – they’re coming to see what your company and products are like.

Modern-day consumers like to do their research.  By the time they actually make a purchase, they know a lot about the products they’re buying – maybe nearly as much as you do – because they’ve been picking up information as they browse the web.  So the key is to provide them with all the knowledge they’re searching for, so they don’t have to go anywhere else.  The better the quality of your information, the greater the likelihood that your web visitors will be reassured that you are the go-to company for their needs.

Your key to success

The key to success with content marketing is not too be overly ‘salesy’, so don’t promote your business too heavily.  Of course, a little self-promotion is fine, but keep in mind that when people are searching for information, they’re not in the mood for a hard sell, or even a veiled attempt at selling. Your knowledge and experience of your industry will do that for you.

The problem that most companies have with content marketing is that it’s time consuming.  So many businesses claim that they simply don’t have the time to spend on it, but those that commit to it see great success.  Persevere, and you’re certain to see your sales figures rise.  Your sales funnel will grow, leading to increased sales day after day.

But although it’s time consuming, content marketing isn’t difficult.  And it’s amazing how addictive it can become, especially when it really starts to kick in and you see the steady increase in sales figures.

We suggest that you try content marketing on your website, to see for yourself the difference that it can make.  Be prepared to give it some time to work – we recommend at least 3-4 months, adding 4-5 posts a week, if not more. We’re confident you’ll soon see the benefits!