Google My Business is a function that Google has created, which gives businesses a listing in their local area.

If you type in the name of a business that has a listing, you’ll see it show up on the right-hand panel on your desktop monitor, or in the centre of your mobile screen. The panel gives some basic information about the company.  There should be a telephone number – and if you touch it on your mobile screen, you can call the business directly.  But there’ll also be directions, and possibly a messaging service too, as well as a link to the business website.

You can also access photographs and posts that the company has made available, as well as finding out background information and other details about the company. And if the company has linked to Google Maps, the software will even help you plot your route directly to that business, as soon as you hit the ‘directions’ button.

Reviews and Stats.

One particularly highly-rated feature of Google My Business is the customer reviews.  People can post their reviews about your company and its products, and these reviews can’t be manipulated or edited in any way.

All of these features make Google My Business an incredible tool. The platform lets customers interact with businesses quickly and easily.

In case you’re still not convinced about the effectiveness of Google My Business, here are just a few statistics, gained from Google, about recent searches.  In the space of just one month there were:

– 5 billion searches for restaurants

– 3 billion searches for hotels

– 1 billion searches for clothes shops

– 600,000,000 searches for hair and beauty

– 5 million searches for coffee shops

That’s a lot of people searching for businesses in their local area.  And Google My Business helps you to get your goods and services displayed prominently to the people actively searching for them.

Strategical Keywording

If you’re going to make the most of Google My Business, you have to set it up correctly from the outset. People who are dissatisfied with the platform have usually only put in the bare minimum of information, which simply isn’t sufficient.

It’s essential to set up Google My Business with as much information as you can.  Include an introduction about your company, and make sure that you include a few keywords.  For example, if you’re a ‘hairdresser in London’, or a ‘hairdresser on Oxford Street’, you want to promote that fact with keywords.  The same applies for every business, so if you’re an ‘aerospace manufacturer in Leicester’, you’ll need to publicise that fact, maybe along with a few of the parts that you make.

Some people think it’s a bit of a chore to set up their Google My Business listing, but it’s well worth doing as the platform is so powerful.  So we suggest filling in as much detail as possible, including those all-important keywords.  Spend some time thinking about what people are actually searching for, and what you’d like your business to be found for.

If you’d like further help or advice about Google My Business, please feel free to get in touch with Brookstone Creative.