Google Search Console, which used to go by the name Webmaster Tools, is an analytics program.  But it’s not the same as Google Analytics, which measures the ways in which visitors interact with your website.

Although Google Search Console can also provide you with some visitor data, it’s main role is to look at how Google itself is interacting with your website.  And you can use that information to monitor your site’s relationship with Google, and to enhance it, thereby ensuring your site features as high as it can on searches.

Thanks to Google Search Console, you can find out which searches your company shows up on.  You get to see where people are clicking on your search result, but you also get to see the ones you’re missing out on too.  And if you can see that your website appears for a search term, but visitors aren’t clicking on it, you get an opportunity to find out why, and to put it right.  It could be that your metadata simply isn’t compelling enough to win you that click, for example, or perhaps your site is just too low down in the results. Once you know the problem, you’re halfway towards finding a solution.

Google Search Console lets you find any issues which are preventing your site from doing its job properly.  It’s easy to spot errors and sticking points, and Google lets you know if there are any areas of performance for which your site could be doing better. You’ll get access to detailed information about Google’s web crawlers, letting you see how the search engine views your pages.  This is invaluable for spotting existing and potential issues, as well as checking up on which pages are doing well.

In particular, Google Search Console lets you submit site maps, which are really useful for helping Google to find every single page across your site. And if your web site contains a lot of pages, there’s another feature that’s well worth having – you can specify individual URLs that you’d like Google to take a look at.  This means you don’t have to wait for a web crawler to visit your site, but can have your pages assessed quickly, making them much easier for your visitors to find.

This speedy access to Google’s web crawlers is key to the importance of Google Search Console for the website owner.  If you’ve fixed an error on a page, or you’ve spotted a page that’s been buried too deeply for Google to find, or even if you’re uploading new content to share, you can ask Google to take a look.  This all helps to confirm to Google that your site has value to potential customers, helping to make it even more visible in future searches.