Which ecommerce website platform is best – Magento or Shopify?

For many years now, Magento has been the leading platform for ecommerce websites.  That’s because it’s incredibly fast and powerful, although there are a few drawbacks.  Magento is notoriously difficult to maintain, edit and develop.  In fact, the platform almost requires a dedicated in-house expert to take care of it.

Magento 2 is a relatively new release, which aims to address some of these issues.  But although it’s more user-friendly than the previous version, making for an easier owner experience, it still requires a high degree of technical expertise to make the most of the platform.

Magento is probably the best option for you, if you’re looking to produce an ecommerce website selling thousands of pounds worth of goods a day.  Your Magento site will be versatile, and it will come with special software updates and applications developed to suit your business perfectly.

But Shopify is also a very powerful ecommerce system, which is favoured by lots of big, leading brands, as well as smaller ones.  It’s much easier to manage than Magento, and is the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a simple, fast but powerful ecommerce solution, which comes with absolutely no maintenance headaches.

And it’s this aspect of Shopify which some business owners will consider to be a drawback, whilst for others it will be a major selling point.  Because when you build a website using Shopify, you don’t actually own the finished site.  You certainly own the domain, but in effect you are renting your actual site from Shopify.  And because Shopify owns the website, you can’t simply move it wholesale to another platform or host, because Shopify can only be hosted on its own platform.

The advantage to this system, is that nothing and nobody can interfere with your Shopify website.  Shopify take care of all the security and maintenance issues, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.  And unlike other ecommerce platforms, there are no bad plugins which could adversely affect your site.