Which is better Adwords or SEO?

If you’re wondering which is better Adwords or SEO for your marketing budget, then the simple answer is neither.  They are two separate marketing methods, both of which are integral to an effective digital marketing campaign. You really do need both if you want to get your message across to your potential customers.

Adwords and SEO both appeal to different types of web visitors, so it’s important to cover both with your marketing campaign.  Some web searchers will always click on the top search engine results, so you can’t beat having Adwords in place. But there’s another type of viewer, who will routinely skip past the adverts and head straight to the organic, non-paid listings below.

So rather than asking, ‘which is better Adwords or SEO?’, it may actually be better to work out how you can utilise both for your company.

Adwords defined

An Adwords advert appears at the very top of the search results, and above the organic listings, for the keyword or search term you specify. You can define your own geographic areas, as well as the time of day that the advert will appear.


  • Adwords provides instant results on Google
  • They can be switched on and off
  • They appear higher in the search results than any organic listings.


Adwords has attracted some negative press, with people claiming that it’s too expensive.  Whilst there may be a degree of truth in that, we tend to hear this most often from people who haven’t set up their Adwords campaign correctly.  It’s also often said by people marketing items with a low profit margin.  If you’re selective about the products you advertise, and if you take time and care to build and maintain your Adwords campaigns, they will usually pay you back very handsomely, but the data coming in needs to be carefully analysed at least every other day.

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SEO defined

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  It’s the process of working with your website, and with Google, to get your free listing appearing higher up on Google’s search pages.  If you’re very good at SEO you can get your listings onto the top pages, and sometimes even onto the highly coveted first page of the results.  And if you’re able to get onto page one of Google with your SEO efforts, coupled with an Adwords campaign, then you’ll own prime advertising space on the most popular advertising platform in the world! You can literally get found for thousands of keywords and search term combinations and turn your website into a money making machine.


You get valuable – and free – advertising space for your products or services, which can generate huge numbers of sales for you.


It can sometimes take quite a long time for your organic listing to rise to the top pages on Google.  But it’s well worth the wait, as increased sales will prove, once you get there.

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